Great igloo!

Bob & MaryAnn Edminster Los Banos, CA May 5, 2015

Thanks for the "rocks"! The hospitality, etc.!

St. Andrew's Priory Honolulu, HI May 5, 2015

What a wonderful home away from home! We loved it! Thank you Sandy & Harvey!

Marlene, Kelly & Katie Andrews Fond du Lac, WI May 5, 2015

The place is a wonderful home away from home & your warm hospitality & friendship are treasured gifts. This is our 2nd visit!

Charlie, Marlene, Bridget, Kelly & Katie Andrews Fond du Lac, WI May 5, 2015

Marvelous! You provide the ultimate in comfort. We loved it. Thanks so much. You're #1

Rose Marie & Tony Buffalo Hollywood, FL May 5, 2015

Great Place! Beats motel rooms any day!

Tom Moore Ft. Collins, CO May 5, 2015

Super Hospitality. Very nice apartment. You're great people & very helpful. We'll be back. Thanks.

Jodie Brenner-Barnes & Alan Barnes Talent, OR May 5, 2015

Great place - the kids loved having their own rooms, us too! Much better than staying in a motel & we loved all the food! Thanks!

Curt, Mary, Kelly, Kristina & Bryan Hodgson Plano, TX May 5, 2015

We stayed here our wedding night it was great & so was our 1st anniversary!

Lucas & Alice Webster Wasilla, AK May 5, 2015

It's lovely...comfortable, clean, roomy....what more can you ask?!?

Joyse & Nelson Rivers Evansville, IN May 5, 2015